Gilgal Education Foundation labrary is open to students, staff, GEF alumni and to students, researchers and other School partners working on projects related to the education industry and tourism.


The idyllic setting of Gilgal Education Foundation at Abuja, Nigeria offers a wide variety of sporting opportunities, and Gilgal Education Foundation provides an extensive sports programme available to both students and staff.

Science Laboratory

The laboratory is combined with all science and practical classes, it is equipped with necessary and required science practical apparatus and specimen.

ICT Library

The Help Desk is designed to be the primary point of contact for The Gilgal IT Team. Its purpose is to receive problem reports, requests, and questions regarding computing and telecommunications at Gilgal Education Foundation.

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About Gilgal Education Foundation

Gilgal Education Foundation was established in 2002 in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, as an Educational Institution who concentrates on catering to needs of students that desire to study outside Nigeria, especially in places such as the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa among others.

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