What is SAT


The SAT is a globally recognized standardized test for college admission in the United States of America. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms.
Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school, and almost all colleges and universities in USA use the SAT to make admission decisions.



What does the SAT test?


The SAT doesn’t test logic or abstract reasoning. It tests the skills you’re learning in school: reading, writing and math. Your knowledge and skills in these subjects are important for success in college and throughout your life


The Critical reading section includes reading passages and sentence completions.
The Writing section includes a short essay and multiple-choice questions on identifying errors and improving grammar and usage.
The Mathematics section includes questions on Arithmetic operations, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.


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What is SAT Subject Test?

Subject Tests are hour-long, content-based tests that allow you to showcase achievement in specific subject areas where you excel. These are the only national admission tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your achievements and interests.
• The SAT Subject Tests offer you an additional opportunity to show colleges what you know and what you know you can do.
• Many colleges use the SAT Subject Tests for admission, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection. Some colleges specify the SAT Subject Tests that they require for admission or placement; others allow applicants to choose which tests to take.




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When are the SAT Tests done?

Seven times a year in the USA and six times a year in International locations including Nigeria : October, November, December, January, May and June.





About the Tests

SAT and SAT Subject Tests Overview

The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are a suite of tools designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support and scholarships, in a way that's fair to all students. The SAT and SAT Subject Tests keep pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century.



Every year, SAT preparation classes start in July and continues till the last test, first Saturday of June the following year.


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